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Mini Baby– Reborn Breathing Mechanism V2

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Bring your preemie reborn dolls to life, with your very own Silent Mini Breathing Mechanism for your reborn dolls.

Our silent Mini Breathing Mechanism simulates a real baby breathing and can be easily seen and felt when your hand is gently resting on the chest.
Each breathing mechanism is hand made in Australia, using quality local and imported products.

The Mini Silent Breather will suit most dolls size: 16 – 18″
Larger breathing mechanisms are also availble.


What’s New in V2: 

  • Silent Breathing / more soothing to the ear.

  • Now Belly Breathing.

  • More ergonomic softer feeling case – No foam needed.

  • Heartbeat and Breather now controlled by same button.

  • Consistent breathing.

What’s included:

  • Silent Breathing Mechanism ( Size: L103mm x W695mm x H49mm )

  • USB Rechargeable Battery Pack

  • USB Charge Cable

  • Stocking (pre installed)

  • Protective box –  to keep your breather safe while in transit.

  • Beating Heart Module – (Optional Add On)

How to use your breathing mechanism:

  • Connect the USB cable to the breathing mechanism’s USB connector.

  • Pressing the button on the breather will activate and de-activate your breather.

  • After 20mins your breather will turn itself off to save energy. Press the red button twice to restart.

How to use your Heart Beat: – (Optional Add On)

  • Pressing the button will active both Breather and Heartbeat together, Press again for just breather or heartbeat, press again to de-active both.

How to insert into your Breathing Mechanism:

  1. Prepare your body by adding on the USB body clip provided – Using the template, cut a hole in the lower back of your body and then insert the male outer part of the USB body clip.

  2. Insert your fluffing (polyfil) and weighting sack into the lower part of the body.

  3. Then insert your breathing mechanism into the body on top of the weighting sack and push the cable through the inner USB clip attachment.

  4. Add enough fluffing around the breathing mechanism so that it covers the breather evenly all round, more fluffing is recommended at the back of the breather, to help push it forward so it can be seen more easily from the front / chest.

  5. You’re now ready to assemble the doll.

  6. Screw the inner female and outer male USB clips together with the USB cable going through the clip and out from the back of the body.

  7. Now you can simply slip the USB battery pack into the nappy where it wont be felt or seen, and connect your breather.

Rechargeable Battery Packs:
Your Breather includes a rechargeable USB battery pack & USB charger.

How to recharge your battery pack:

  • Using the USB cable provided in your protective box, connect the smaller connector to the battery pack.

  • Connect the opposite larger end of the USB cable to any USB wall charger (standard phone style charger) or a powered USB port (a computer/laptop etc..)

  • Allow your battery pack to charge for 4-6 HRS.

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