Hassle Free Return

Aussie Reborn Supplies is a company focused on Customer Satisfaction. We want to listen and understand your needs just as we would like to be treated from anyone we make purchases from ourselves.

If you have made a purchase from us and are not 100% satisfied or the item is not what you were looking for then simply contact me at aussierebornsupplies@live.com.au and we will discuss how you can return the item to get a full refund.
The item will need to be returned to us in the same way it has been sent, unused and in the packaging it has been sent in for easy return.
We do ask however that when making purchases you do take time to look at the product, read the description and ask as many questions as you need to, this can help minimize confusion and also save money and time that Aussie Reborn Supplies can dedicate to new services and products.


Aussie Reborn Supplies

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We value your feedback, Comments & suggestions. Please contact us if you have any question about Aussie Reborn Supplies