About Us

In 1999 I gave birth to my first child. A daughter we called Aimee Leigh. I was fascinated with this child and would spend hours admiring everything about her. Her hair, eyes and every detail about her. Not long after Aimee was born I purchased a Berenguer La Newborn Baby Doll as I had seen a youtube video of someone turning it into something which looked more realistic. At that time I purchased mohair, felting needles and some Genesis Heat Set paints to create my very own. But being so busy with babies I never had the time. In future years 2002 I would be blessed with my second daughter Tiana Emilie and 2004 my adorable son William Timothy. As do so many of us, I loved babies and young children so much, and wished so desperately to have more but after a miscarriage and a husband who did not want more children I felt lost.

This was the time I remembered the doll I had purchased and decided this was what I needed to do to fill the void of having no more children. I watched different techniques on Youtube and basically became a self taught Reborn Artist. I have now created over 100 babies and have a huge following of very loyal customers. In this time I also became friends with some amazing artists and found that I was often being asked if I had certain products for sale. This is when I decided to expand my business to sell Reborning and Doll making products. I started small but over time my business is growing. If you stay tuned you will see this site grow and grow month by month to supply you will nearly all the products you need for reborning.