At Aussie Reborn Supplies we love to look after our customers. We pride ourselves in the way we package our goods and often put our own little touches to an order to make you feel extra special.
We love to thank our Customers every day for placing their orders but if you spend $199 or over in a single order we want to give you an extra special “Thank You” by sending you a bonus gift. Like any gift, it will be a surprise, but we will try to customize this gift to your needs and every time you make a purchase over this value you will receive another gift.
All you need to do now, is go shopping and purchase goods to the value of $199 and over ( in a single order ), I will see your purchases and send you out your gift. It’s as easy at that.

I hope you enjoy shopping with Aussie Reborn Supplies and should you have any questions please Contact Us.


Aussie Reborn Supplies

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